Show Links: 5. February 2010

Here are the links covered throughout the show:

WalesOnline – News – Wales News – Bush and Blair did strike Iraq deal, says Welsh MP
Al Jazeera English – CENTRAL/S. ASIA – Deaths in Pakistan ‘drone’ attack
The secret war in Pakistan | Michael Williams | Comment is free |
Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks
Police want backdoor to Web users’ private data | Politics and Law – CNET News
Vancouver wrapped up in billion-dollar security blanket
Qaeda’s surgical strike: Breast & butt bombs –
NASA To Outsource Space Travel To Private Companies As Part Of Obama’s Budget Proposal
Iran Launches Turtles Into Space, Plans Satellite Mission Soon | Popular Science
RCMP to end practice of investigating its own officers
President Obama has proposed the largest defense budget since World War II. – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine
CTV Montreal – Two Montreal radio stations go off the air Friday – CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television
Preparing for the Next Earthquake: Haiti Debates Moving Its Capital – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
Kim Jong-il’s regime is even weirder and more despicable than you thought. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine
Surveillance Can’t Make Us Secure
Should Germany bail out Club Med or leave the euro altogether? – Telegraph
APA – Secret CIA-Mossad meeting, preparation for new war?
Feel free to comment and leave any feedback. I’ll be sure to include your suggestions in the next episode.

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