Thoughtcrime–>AP:US searching for ‘radicalized’ Americans

US searching for ‘radicalized’ Americans

This article comes from AP:

LOS ANGELES – The top U.S. diplomat in Pakistan says the Obama administration does not know how many Americans might have disappeared overseas to train with al-Qaida or other terrorist groups.

The number is not thought to be large, but Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson outlined a possible “nightmare scenario” — people holding U.S. passports receiving terrorist training then returning legally to the U.S. to commit violent acts.

She said in a speech Friday to the Pacific Council in Los Angeles that the U.S. is working with Pakistan and other governments to figure out how to identify such people.

She said after the speech “there are more out there than we know about.”

Five American Muslims from the Washington, D.C., area were arrested last year in Pakistan, where they face possible terrorism charges.

Reading this as a critical thinker, there is one sentence that jumps out rather abruptly at my eyes:

“a possible “nightmare scenario” — people holding U.S. passports receiving terrorist training then returning legally to the U.S. to commit violent acts.”

These “people holding U.S. passports”  would supposedly be American citizens who have received “terrorist” training abroad and come back into the country to commit terrorism. We know the the Associated Press is one of the largest operations for spreading propaganda in the United States, as there are board members selected by the largest media corporations who effectively attempt to practice gatekeeping and spinning of news stories to favor big government and big business.

Articles concerning terrorism or the GWOT (global war on terror) have been criticized on all sides because of their extreme vagueness and their subtleties which attempt to demonize and  inaccurately portray ordinary citizens as enemies of the state.

If this conclusion has been reached by AP—that American citizens are coming back from abroad to commit terrorism–than I can only assume that the White House and the private defense complex feel the same.

This would mean that every American that travels abroad will be more heavily questioned, more inconvenienced and more dehumanized when returning back to the country of their CITIZENSHIP.

Small hints like this in AP prime the populace, so that the populace may succumb to the new policies and attitudes of government with an easy transition. This presents another example of the government looking inwards for “terrorists” (Which can be broadly defined as anyone anti-government or anyone with a beard) and shying away from the real problems which all come back to FOREIGN POLICY.

But instead of removing the 500,000 troops stationed in other countries, stopping unconstitutional wars and dismantling the welfare/warfare state, the government wishes to spy and accuse its own citizens of an act which has yet to be throughly defined and can be tacked upon any act the government doesn’t approve of: 



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