12th March 2010 Links, Brah

NEW March 12th Episode found here.


(Plus interesting links I came across over the last week


The amazing true story of Zeitoun | World news | The Guardian

Crackdown on dangerous dogs to make microchips compulsory for all | UK news | The Guardian

Cash-strapped LA going after unlicensed dogs – Yahoo! News

Internet helped Flight 253 suspect radicalize, attack plane ‘within weeks’ – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

Henry Blodget: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Needs to Address the Hacking Incidents

Troopers raid popular bars for unlicensed beers | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/08/2010

Decade Of The Drone: America’s Aerial Assassins – BlackListed News

China, Russia Urge More Iran Talks as France Seeks Sanctions – Bloomberg.com

US searching for ‘radicalized’ Americans – Yahoo! News

BBC News – New York Times chief explains Baradar news delay

Al Jazeera English – CENTRAL/S. ASIA – Iran attacks US Afghan role

Iran’s Ahmadinejad calls Sept 11 big fabrication | Reuters

Iceland Rejects Plan To Pay Back Britain Over Icesave Losses | Business | Sky News

Our world balances on a sea of debt – Telegraph

Cities Find New Ways To Reach Into Your Wallet : NPR

NYPD stop-and-frisk policy feels heat from City Council members

Pakistan seeks identity of American suspect – Yahoo! News

Chavez mocks Clinton as “blond Condoleezza” – Yahoo! News

My Way News – Al-Qaida calls on US Muslims to attack America

Officers: Pakistan arrests American-born al-Qaida – Yahoo! News

Quebec to provide free fertility treatments

Pakistan: American al-Qaida suspect nabbed – Yahoo! News

US ‘JihadJane’ recruited for Europe, SAsia attacks: charges – Yahoo! News

Kucinich Becomes Target Of Health Care Whip Campaign

Student Activists Beaten After Rally On Interstate (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Better Than Apollo: The Space Program We Almost Had | Wired Science | Wired.com

Kimberly Butler: Is the Medium the Message? The New Media Watchdogs

Foreign-born population increasing in Canada: Report

John Roberts: Scene At Obama’s State Of Union Was ‘Very Troubling’

Barry and Candi Cooper speak out about their arrest – Stephen C. Webster – Brave New Hooks – True/Slant

US creates terror groups, ex-intelligence chief says – BlackListed News

Brain scan can read people’s thoughts: researchers – Yahoo! News

China calls U.S. a hypocrite over human rights – Yahoo! News

Leave yuan to us, China tells Obama – Yahoo! News

Brain scan can read people’s thoughts: researchers – Yahoo! New

Once again, I’d like to thank my friend Jon McLachlan for coming on the show and bringing his insights.

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Enjoy the weekend in Freedomville!



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