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We examine the TERRORDEBTPOLICESTATE, States’ Rights, lawsuits, European debt, the scam that is the Federal Reserve, GAY TERRORIST, the GOV’T snooping the internet and much more. 

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Links for our latest show: 

States’ Rights Is Rallying Cry for Lawmakers – NYTimes.com
Gov’t workers feel no economic pain – Washington Times
NC woman gets $9M in alienation of affection suit
Campaign For Liberty — Say No to GMO Corporatism    by Carolyn Moffa
China calls U.S. a hypocrite over human rights – Yahoo! News
U.S., U.K. Move Closer to Losing Rating, Moody’s Says (Update1) – Bloomberg.com
Curb your spending, Brussels tells Gordon Brown – Times Online
Iraq signs deal for $250mln World Bank loan – Yahoo! News
The Gay Terrorist The New York Observer
Iran arrests 30 over U.S.-linked cyber ring – agency
BBC News – Taliban harness power of the web
FOXNews.com – Terrorists Targeting Children Via Facebook, Twitter
Afghanistan eases ban on news coverage of raids Reuters
How US is tackling opium trade in Afghanistan poppy heartland – The Christian Science Monitor – CSMonitor.com
Break the law and your new ‘friend’ may be the FBI – Yahoo! News
Tories revive random roadside breath test
Brain scan can read people’s thoughts researchers – Yahoo! News


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