The Police State Descends Upon Ottawa

As we have seen recently, an effect of the POLICE STATE on our daily lives is militarization of our law enforcement officers. I often emphasize its growth in the United States of America but it should be said that most western governments have joined the bandwagon of NATIONAL SECURITY as well. The latest example is in my country, Canada. Toronto Star:

OTTAWA–RCMP officers who guard Parliament Hill are being equipped with submachine guns to give them more stopping power should a gunman attack the heart of Canada’s government.

Security, which has already been significantly beefed up after a high-profile breach last December, will get another boost in the coming months when Mounties patrolling the Hill get the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine-gun.

The new weapons are meant to better engage an “active shooter,” said assistant commissioner Pat McDonell, who heads the RCMP’s protective policing unit, which includes the Mounties who patrol Parliament Hill.

Senator Colin Kenny, former chair of the Senate defence and security committee, said the extra firepower makes sense in a scenario where “someone is on a rampage.”

“Bluntly put, it is hard as hell to hit someone with a handgun,” Kenny said.

But Kenny cautioned that protecting Parliament Hill will take more than just new firearms.

“The problems they face are much deeper than what sort of weapons they take … they don’t have enough people and they don’t have enough dough,” Kenny said in an interview.

The RCMP have noticeably stepped up security on Parliament Hill since a daylight protest last December by Greenpeace activists, who used climbing gear and a ladder to reach the rooftops of the Centre and West Blocks, where they unfurled banners taking aim at Ottawa’s climate change stance.

The RCMP determined the protesters, wearing construction hard hats and coveralls, had reached the roof of West Block by scaling scaffolding at the rear of the building.

Since then, the force has added more officers and patrols on Parliament Hill. That extra presence is paying off – last week officers twice stopped protesters caught sneaking around the rear of West Block carrying banners.


“Carrying banners”—>Aren’t I glad that millions are spent so citizens can’t walk around with banners?

As can be deduced, the police departments around the country will be justifying any small incident to increase their already monstrous budgets to mass-scale armed forces budgets to “keep watch” and “protect” the citizens.

What began as a small trickle of military influence has now led to a complete revamping of security philosophy that has law enforcement officers WATCHING citizens instead of PROTECTING them.

More police presence only serves to psychologically render the populace subalterns, making any hopes of a free society a long-lost hope erased by camouflage.


What do you think?

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