Freedomville Stomp: Liberty In Exile 9. April

New EPISODE available here.

This 9. April broadcast sped through the different states that we have come to live with today. The CORPORATE/DEBT, POLICE/SECURITY, WAR, DISINFORMATION/PROPAGANDA, HEALTH/BRAVE NEW WORLD, GEOPOLITICAL Leviathan that hangs over our shoulders.


We are also proud to announce that we have been nominated for CJLO Gala Awards!

**The Ol’ Gil Award (Most Underrated Show)**
**The Phil Donahue Award (Best Talk Show)**


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Why the ‘Recovery’ Is Taking So Long – Yahoo! News

Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say –

IMF’s Strauss-Kahn Warns Against Removing Stimulus Too Soon – BusinessWeek

AFP: U.S. Faces ‘Difficult” Tax Choices: Bernanke

Walmart’s Growth: An Awesome Visualization Of The Retailer’s Rapid Expansion

US Court Rules AGAINST FCC On Net Neutrality For Big Comcast Win


FBI warns letters to governors could stir violence – Yahoo! News

New airline security measures announced – Yahoo! News

Airport Security Checks Revamped For Travel To U.S.

Cameras make Chicago most closely watched US city – Yahoo! News

Domestic Terrorism Is a Real, Growing Danger: Lieberman | NBC Connecticut

Timor police declare war on mysterious ‘ninjas’ | Raw Story

US Judge denies bail for militia group members


McChrystal: We’ve Shot ‘An Amazing Number’ Of Innocent Afghans

Dan Kovalik: U.S. and Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves

AP source confirms video of Baghdad firefight – Yahoo! News

No joke: Karzai threatens to join the Taliban | Raw Story

Not just opium: UN says Afghanistan now world’s largest hashish producer | Raw Story

CBC: Canada firm on Afghan Exit Date

U.S. Government: We Have Not Forgotten About Osaka Binn Rogen | The Onion

BBC News – Kyrgyzstan opposition sets up ‘people’s government


Death of the White House Press Corps – The Daily Beast

Climate Catastrophe: A Superstorm for Global Warming Research – SPIEGEL

Increase in Arctic ice confounds doomsayers | Mail Online

Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory, has said it is too late to try and save the planet.

Pour un Montréal sécuritaire, dans la réalité autant que sur papier | Le Devoir

Not all terrorism: Obama tries to change subject – Yahoo! News

David Petraeus for President: Run General, Run


Prescription drug overdoses on the rise in U.S. – Yahoo! News

Get out the periodic table, kids! There’s a new element: 117. / CS Monitor

Quantum Physics Leaps Into The Visible World


Is Canada ready for Confederation with the ‘Fab Four’? |

Virginia governor: Is it so wrong to love the Old South? / The Christian Science Monitor


As promised, I am refering you all to the books covering the CIA and the Global Drug Trade.

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Continue listening, learning and disconnecting yourself from the Matrix.

Until next time, we bring you Liberty In Exile.

Enjoy your Freedomville gatherings!

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Is Canada ready for Confederation with the ‘Fab Four’? |

Virginia governor: Is it so wrong to love the Old South? / The Christian Science Monitor


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