Rep. Nikki Haley Shoots Down Affair Allegations

Seeing as how I personally have claim to vote in this race, I would like to turn my attention towards the GOP Governor’s race in South Carolina.

Lt. Governor André Bauer

State Representative Nikki Haley

After Governor Mark Sanford (R) admitted to an extra-marital affair with a beautiful Argentine woman (LatinAmerican Love Affair?) almost a year ago, the State of South Carolina has seen much negative publicity in the National press.

I believe there were two reasons for such coverage of the Sanford affair last June. To begin with, Governor Sanford ran with a platform of “family values” that are popular with religious conservatives. I do recall (while in South Carolina) viewing the advertisements that claimed the importance of  Christian and family values, which always work quite well with the people of South Carolina. This includes having ads with the wife and children, the family dog, and hot dog barbecues.

The second reason for the attentiveness of the National press towards Sanford’s case was his early rejection of stimulus funds for South Carolina. After a few months of governance, President Obama was still quite popular throughout the country and had little-to-no legitimate opposition by any charismatic leader. When Gov. Sanford began cruising the cable networks and national newspapers, some began to poke holes in the ideas and goals of the large stimulus package (Recovery Act) passed by the Federal government months prior. Those who rejected the idea that the Government had the right to pass large spending bills that wasted taxpayer money (effectively moving billions of dollars from public to elite private hands) finally had a voice in a charismatic, tough leader that led the Republican Governor’s Association. Once news of his absence and affair hit the South Carolina papers, the National Media Circus began.

The same thing has occurred with State Rep. Nikki Haley (R), who has had “alleged” affairs with a blogger and a paid consultant for Lt. Gov Bauer’s campaign (one of the men she is running against). She addressed those allegations in a recent debate in South Carolina:

As far as I see it, this amounts to pure Disinformation from the Republican Party Elites, which Haley believes as well. In the first case, a BLOGGER came out about the affair. Now, because I hold the same profession, I am not going to say there isn’t a chance in hell—but come on, what would a State Representative be doing with a guy who blogs on the internet all day? In the second case, the lobbyist worked for the opposing candidate’s campaign—that should be enough to convince anyone that this is all politically motivated.

All in all, the voters of South Carolina are not getting the truth. Instead of debating the highest unemployment rate in the country (11.6%), ballooning state deficits and problems with education, the political debate is framed around alleged affairs and marital problems that may not even exist. The good people of South Carolina deserve more. See through the filter and expose the truth to bring Liberty out from Exile.

What do you think?

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