Google to Give Collected Street View Data to GOVERNMENT

From the NY Times:

Google is bowing to the demands of four European governments and says it will begin surrendering the data it improperly collected over unsecured wireless networks.

Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, told The Financial Times in an interview in London that within the next two days, the company would share the data with regulators in Germany, Spain, France and Italy. The data is thought to include fragments of personal information like e-mail and bank account numbers.

Google had previously resisted requests from European officials and privacy advocates to hand over the data, saying it needed time to review legal issues.

Last month, Google revealed it had been inadvertently collecting 600 gigabytes of personal data, saying that the roving, camera-mounted cars in its Street View program had collected not only photographs of neighborhoods but snippets of private information from people whose personal Wi-Fi networks were left unencrypted.

In Thursday’s interview, Mr. Schmidt said that the software code responsible for the data collection was in “clear violation” of Google’s rules.

Mr. Schmidt also said that Google would make public the results of internal and external audits of its Wi-Fi data collection practices.

Regulators in the United States have not expressed the same level of outrage over the incident as European officials have. The Federal Trade Commission has said it will take a close look at the practice, and several lawmakers have written letters to Google asking for more information about the practice. Lawsuits against Google over Wi-Fi data collection have also been filed in at least three states.

Because the next person I trust after Google is, of course, my Government.

As was covered in the last post, Google collected WiFi information for every network on the island of Great Britain. Now, this and other collected data will be released to the governments of several European countries.

Is anyone paying attention out there?



  1. John Fudge

    Do a search on your own computer on the word “Google” I found hundreds of entries. There are probably a lot more clandestine files. I have erased a lot of them but they keep reappearing. Also, check out which fles are running on STARTUP. As soon as a new computer connects to the internet for the first time, it checks in with Google. Beware!!!!

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