Media Coverage of Bilderberg 2010

As per usual, the North American Press has kept silent about the secret meeting of the world’s elites:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke arriving at Bilderberg in 2008

The British Press is taking different angles, with the Times of London playing it down and the London Guardian actually having reporter Charlie Skelton blogging the entire week, quite aware of the implications that arise when the world’s most powerful people meet in one place secretly to discuss issues and the global agenda.

Russia Today (Russian State Television) is reporting on such because, as usual, the Russians are excluded from the Bilderberg meetings:

I do not anticipate any media coverage from American media, but Liberty In Exile will bring you the news as it arrives throughout the week.

For a resumé of the Bilderberg group, I do the wikipedia page on the matter.

Also, Daniel Estulin’s book on the subject:


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