Scholar Says Pakistani Intelligence Fund Taliban

A new study suggests the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) funds and trains the Taliban. This is, oddly enough, coming from an academic institution (Harvard Kennedy School of Government, as well as London School of Economics). The Reuters article, highlighting the specifics of the study, can be found here.

Matt Waldman, a fellow at Harvard University, took to Al-Jazeera to explain the situation:

These revelations begin to support the theory that has been widespread in the intelligence world these last few years, that the Pakistan civilian government is clandestinely supporting the Taliban in the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

As Liberty in Exile covered on April 28th, NATO and American forces have already been exposed paying the Taliban not to bomb certain roads and bases so supplies can travel freely in the country:

The allegations, in context with the bribing of Taliban insurgents by NATO contractors, bring forth more puzzling questions about the mission in Afghanistan and the entire Global War On Terror.  What is the role of Pakistan and why does the West continue to support them? How long has the American government known of this?

In the meantime, mystery and disinformation shall continue to cloud and encircle the entire war in Afghanistan, including the role of Prime Minister Hamid Karzai, his corrupt government, his half-brother, the role of opium poppies and the presence of military bases.


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