Microchips In Our Bodies Are Fun!

Coca-Cola and Facebook come together to perfectly indoctrinate young Israeli children by introducing them to RFID technology:

“The teenagers full of excitement, used the wristband non-stop.”

These wristbands contained RFID technology–basically microchips to track and categorize subjects—which was incorporated with individual Facebook profiles. This would allow your information to be processed and accessed immediately, basically eradicating all freedom of movement and privacy that human beings once held.

The greatest threat shall come with the free applications and services which are popular—such as Facebook, Google accounts and Youtube. As seen in this article, Facebook itself is already an advocate of linking computer chips on one’s person to their personal profiles:

Developers attending today’s Facebook conference, f8, are being issued with RFID badges integrated with their Facebook profiles for clocking into site locations.

The details come from the All Facebook, which reports that Facebook is being atypically opaque about the data gathered from the radio frequency identification tags. But given the experimental nature of the service that’s unsurprising – the point of the conference is to inspire people to create applications, not define their limits.

The tags are short-range, so delegates have to make an active effort to have the tag scanned, but doing so will automatically sign them up to a related Facebook group and record their presence for plotting on a wall-screen in the main hall.

Source: The Register UK

For those who have not researched the potentials of the Big Brother state that is slowly being introduced, I recommend certain articles and videos that are widespread throughout the information sphere.

Shadow Government (Except the last 20 minutes, which are more like an evangelical fundraiser)

McAfee: RFID chips exposing users to danger

Is RFID tracking you?

How RFID Tags Could Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People

Liberty In Exile will continue to report the growth of the Brave New World state, one abuse at a time.


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