One of the Most Important Military Voices Today

United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer is one of the most important voices in the military today:

Being very vocal since 2002, Shaffer has repeatedly claimed and provided evidence that intelligence officers refused to look into the terrorist cells that were exposed prior to 9/11, including those with head hijacker Mohammad Atta.

Shaffer has been a constant thorn in the side of the military, to the point that the military is now purchasing his memoirs and destroying them for the sake of “national security”, as he explained in this interview with Russia Today (Russian State TV):

NY Times: Pentagon Plan: Buying Books to Keep Secrets

London Guardian: Pentagon tries to buy entire print run of US spy exposé Operation Dark Heart

CNN: Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer’s memoir

Cover of the first edition


Shaffer’s memoir has been censored and edited by the military several times, prompting confusion when the threats to destroy copies of the book were issued by the Pentagon after the release.

I make the case that Shaffer is one of the most important military voices today because he counters the conventional wisdom of US intelligence before 9/11 and continues to offer a skeptical view of how foreign policy is dealt with today. He is a voice of dissent in an organization that is known for keeping a closely-knit, closely-toed line for all soldiers to follow.

From massive demand of media interviews to countless mentions in articles as free publicity, it is no doubt that Shaffer’s words and warnings about the Able Danger program and the knowledge of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist groups shall resonate with those that continue to craft murderous state policy in the realm of “defense” (doublespeak for war and killing), as well as educate the citizens as to what is being doing abroad in their name using their public funds.

Even WikiLeaks got in on the action:

Due to the threats by the Pentagon and the incriminating evidence presented by this book, it is hereby added to the Liberty In Exile Book Club, where it shall be recommended to seekers of the truth unfiltered by the corporate media.


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