Hot Reporter Chick Punk’d Fail? Or CNN Stunt Fail?

As the story goes, conservative activist James O’Keefe (most famous for the pimp videos with ACORN and other shenanigans to discredit progressive folk) was attempting to videotape an interview with CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau.

O’Keefe’s plan was to have an interview with Boudreau on his boat, where he had it rigged with cameras, tapes, “sexual” toys, props and much more.

As it turns out, Boudreau caught on and never filmed anything with O’Keefe, resulting in a big FAIL for the young conservative activist:

Or is it?

There is also the possibility for an alternate theory here that could explain what actually is going on behind the scenes.

Because there is never any tape nor proof of O’Keefe besides Boudreau’s own word, this could be a big set-up by CNN. What is my proof for this? I look no further than a headline in ABC News a mere two days ago:

The article (linked here) details CNN’s new strategy to attract more primetime viewers by increasing the profile of their “talent” and on-air personalities. One section of the article talks about making personalities NEWSMAKERS as well as reporters and personalities. Hear that folks? This is coming exactly two days before this “reported” stunt between James O’Keefe and Abbie Boudreau on a boat.

Ms. Boudreau’s take on the event was word-for-word presented on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room when she explained the entire ordeal and how it occurred during the filming of a new “documentary”.

The new documentary is *SURPRISE* on young conservative film makers that are fed up with the mainstream media and creating their own ventures through the internet. And when does this documentary air?

(Programming note: “Right On The Edge” airs this Saturday and Sunday at 8 and 11 p.m. ET).

What perfect timing! Now this means that the O’Keefe story will get play throughout the rest of the slow news week and will guarantee a couple hundred thousand more viewers for this documentary during the weekend. How perfect for the sluggish news channel that once dominated the news business and is now falling behind to FOX News, MSNBC and alternative media in all ratings.

Therefore, it is most discernible to deduce that this “alleged” interaction between Boudreau and O’Keefe (not yet confirmed by anyone but CNN) was a sham at best and a fail at worst. Instead of attracting viewers with its actual news coverage and reporting, CNN is attempting to CREATE news in order to garner better ratings while it continues to slip down the Television hierarchy.



What do you think?

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