Chump Green Burial

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This 15. Ocotober broadcast covered many topics including WE BROKE, WE KONTROL YOU, DEVIL PLANTS, WAR IS PEACE, TECH REVOLUTION, DISINFO MACHINES, CLIMATE DISRUPTION FUNCTION, and THE BRAVE NEW WORLD/HEALTH STATE Leviathan that hangs over our shoulders.

Specifically we looked at continued foreclosures and debt, parity of the Loonie, suicidal rappers, midterm elections,cyber war, slaves in Canada, Gay Blogs Bash Obama, Chumps, Malcolm X, “Green” burials, we need a new planet and more!


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U.S. Won’t Recover Lost Jobs Until March 2020 At Current Pace

Finance minister vows to wipe out deficit by 2016

Who’s upset over the economy? Everybody, everywhere – Yahoo! News

Loonie reaches parity with U.S. dollar

Banks $4 trillion debts are ‘Achilles’ heel of the economic recovery’, warns IMF – Telegraph

Wall St blames homeowners in foreclosure fiasco | Reuters

Index of Economic Freedom: Link Between Economic Opportunity and Prosperity | The Heritage Foundation

The Economist- Currency Wars


CBC News – Canada – No right to lawyer in police interview: top court

Upper Moreland chief proposes fines for unlocked cars | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/14/2010

CBC News – Montreal – Secret Cold War plan included mass detentions

Khadr to plead guilty, serve most of sentence in Canada


300 cops involved in Montreal drug bust

Laval drug raids net 35


Ex-top soldier: Iraq war ‘fiasco’ due to Rumsfeld’s ‘lies’ | Raw Story

BBC News – Call to define rules of cyber war

BBC News – Afghan security contractors ‘fund Taliban’

Zardari believed ‘US was behind Taliban attacks in Pak’ to gain access to its nukes

TECH REVOLUTION / Technology – Chinese and Saudis lead way in internet use

Private spaceship makes 1st solo glide flight – Yahoo! News

DHS, Defense Join Forces to Battle Cyber Threats | News & Opinion |

Why it’s hard to crash the electric grid

Yahoo Speculation Leads Tech Action –

Google, Facebook battle for ‘future of the Web’ – Computerworld

Is Obama trying to ‘decolonize’ space? –


Overestimate fueled state’s landmark diesel law

Time to find a second Earth, WWF says | Raw Story

More corn (fuel) allowed in gas tanks – U.S. news – Environment –

‘Green’ burials require no coffins or chemicals – Yahoo! News

Gates agriculture grants focus on seeds, climate | Reuters

Hal Lewis: My Resignation From The American Physical Society


Al-Qaida in Yemen threatens to topple president – Yahoo! News

Terror threat to restaurants as Al Qaeda calls for attacks on government workers in D.C.

U.S. official says European terror plot still active – CTV News

Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates – English

Chile mine rescue a PR coup for Chile – and President Piñera –

Legault’s movement would fill a vacuum in Quebec

White House Meeting for Black Journalists Doesn’t Stay Off-The-Record for Long –

AMERICAblog Gay: MTV wants ‘light’ questions for Obama at today’s youth townhall. Why?


CBC News – Health – BPA declared toxic by Canada

Judge Allows States’ Challenge to Health Law –

U.S. to Let Insurers Raise Fees for Policies on Sick Children –



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