Police State Mentality in North Carolina: Turn In Your Parents

Two married individuals were arrested for drug possession in Matthews, North Carolina after their son, aged 11, brought marijuana cigarettes to school and wished to report to Police that his parents had broken the law by possessing them.

Elementary student brings pot to school to turn in his parents

By Jeff Rivenbark & Tom Roussey

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) – Two parents are facing drug charges after their child took their drugs to school and told a school officer his parents were breaking the law.

WBTV is not releasing the names of the parents or the name of the school to protect the child’s identity.

The 11-year-old student is in 5th grade at a an elementary school in Matthews.  Police say he brought his parents’ marijuana cigarettes to school when he reported them.

Matthews Police say he reported his parents after a lesson about marijuana was delivered by a police officer who is part of the D.A.R.E. program, which teaches kids about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

“Even if it’s happening in their own home with their own parents, they understand that’s a dangerous situation because of what we’re teaching them,” said Matthews Officer Stason Tyrrell.  That’s what they’re told to do, to make us aware.”

Tyrrell says the town’s D.A.R.E. officer spends time at each of the three elementary schools in Matthews teaching kids to make the right choice when it comes to drugs.

Police arrested the child’s 40-year-old father and 38-year-old mother on Thursday.

Both were charged with two misdemeanor counts each of marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

They were not jailed and were released on a written promise to appear in court.

“I don’t give drugs to my kids,” the father told us when we went to his house.

When we asked him how his kid got ahold of his drugs, he replied, “That’s no one’s business.”

Police say both the 11-year old and a sibling have been removed from the parents’ house by social services.  Police say they are staying with relatives.

An important tenant of a changing society toward authoritarianism is the indoctrination of children, even to the point of turning in their own parents for “breaking the law”.

Also notice how the child was taken into “protective custody”. Little did this little boy know, that by listening precisely to what his D.A.R.E. officer said and turning in his parents, he’d be committing himself to a life of foster parents, foster homes, social services and adoptive agencies…all for the execution of an unjust law that Government uses to incarcerate peaceful citizens.

The continued effort by the state to turn children into citizen spies is not only appalling but should be seen as a grave indication that government intrusion into private behavior has gone too far. From the constant propaganda to turn children into recycling police, eco-facists, spy kids, climate cops and more, the vital education of our children has turned into a perfect tool for the empowerment of the state.

This entire incident proclaims, as does all public state action, that Government knows best. Better than private individuals and certainly better than parents in their own home.

More analysis will be provided on Liberty In Exile, this Friday at 10am on CJLO 1690AM in Montréal, Québec, Canada.


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