Another Police Drug Raid, Another Innocent Life Lost

Yet another example of police brutality has been released to the public.

In a September 16th, 2010 drug raid in Utah, Police stormed the home of Todd Blair, 45, in full combat gear and assault weapons and shot and killed him in less than three seconds. The video is seen below:

Once the raid was completed and the “suspect’s” body was wheeled out to the county morgue, the police were only able to find a small amount of marijuana on the premises. Another innocent human being was shot and killed because he possessed a natural plant.

This follows two themes often covered by Liberty In Exile, that being the militarization of local police forces by federal government grants, and the escalation of the drug war on American citizens. On the last show, the purchase of predator drones in Miami, Florida was covered, facilitated by money funneled to local districts by the Department of Homeland Security. Multiple reports are gathered every week on drug raids in the United States of America, all undertaken in full military-commando gear with assault weapons lugged about and lives, whether human beings or animals, being taken unjustly.

What is the role of the police in our society?

Is it to raid the homes of peaceful individuals who are making private decisions which only affect themselves?

Or is it to quell the freedoms and liberties enshrined and guaranteed by the founding documents of this country?


What do you think?

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