Michael Ignatieff: Hope For Canada?

Michael Ignatieff, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and head of the official opposition in the Parliament, is constantly being trumped up as the next Prime Minister if another election is to occur.

However high-profile he may be within academic liberal Canada, Michael Ignatieff has always faced enormous resistance and skepticism from all Canadians, reflected in the new Global News poll in which seventy-three per cent of Canadians say Ignatieff should resign if his Liberals lose the next election.

This is not especially newsworthy, but having read a few of Ignatieff’s books and academic articles, I can unequivocally state that he is not the Prime Minister that Canada needs in this day and age. He has shown his support for massively expanding the power and purse of the Federal Central government, for indefinitely detaining “suspected” terrorists and accused wrongdoers, using the Canadian military to intervene in other countries, expanding the tax base, and much more.

Of course, this is a problem the Liberals will have to deal with, until they can find a leader that will be more fitting to the party and the cause. In the meantime, however, we look to a clip of Ignatieff being interviewed after the Québec referendum in 1995, in which he states that Canada can now “barely” survive as a country, and that Canada is too de-centralized to exist into the future:


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