Fox News Caught Fabricating Boos For Ron Paul at CPAC

If doubt still lingers that Fox News is a front for neoconservatism and all that is wrong in American conservative ideology, then this shall stand as the final nail in the coffin.

Video has surfaced confirming that Fox purposefully deceived its audience  by inserting boos from last year’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) results into the clip for when Ron Paul won this year.

The boos from last year were uttered by supporters of Mitt Romney, who were not favorable to Ron Paul’s victory in the straw poll. A youtube user quickly noticed the discrepancy between Fox’s reporting and the live footage, and decided to make a video with the comparisons.

The discovery of this fact had Fox playing the Public Relations game, Fox News’ Senior Vice President of News Michael Clemente came out and apologized for deceiving the Fox audience:

“We made a mistake with some of the video we aired, and plan on issuing a correction on America’s Newsroom tomorrow morning explaining exactly what happened,” he said.

So there it is, another instance where Fox News is using video editing tricks to deceive its massive hoard of sheepish viewers across the country.

As we continutally ponder on Liberty In Exile, who is controlling this message? Who is deceiving the non-critical public by pushing edited pieces? Who is propagating the anti-Ron Paul fervor so as to avoid his legitimate chances of becoming President?  Who does not want Ron Paul’s message of personal liberty and non-intervention to resonate throughout the country?

Whatever your politics may be, they should never be based on video trickery.

Fox News is hereby officially denounced. May freedom ring.


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