Dennis Kucinich Addresses Crowds in Wisconsin

Seizing upon the momentum granted by the protests in Wisconsin, Congressman Dennis Kucinch (D-OH) addressed a crowd and delivered a fascinating speech.

Though it is difficult to agree with some of his ideas, Kucinich has, nonetheless, always proven to be a genuine progressive in pursuit of justice in the face of the national security state, perpetual war, monetary fraud, income inequality, and much more.

This is perhaps one of the greatest speeches Kucinich has ever given, tying in the current budget struggles in the United States with the wars in the Middle East, the Federal Reserve, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the freedom of the people from an intruding government.

Some of his best quotes are reproduced below:

“We a right to accept a world free of war, where the world is plenty!”

“There are those who believe wars are inevitable because they make money from those wars, so their profits become inevitable!”

“We become victims of the way we see the world when we buy into the psychology of war, which is a false psychology, which is not something we should accept as a way the world should be.”

“This is a time when transformation is the air, evolution is in the air; this is time to reign in the Federal Reserve, to end the fractional reserve banking system!


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