The Greatest Heist In World History

Every so often, a piece of television journalism breaks through the propaganda filter to shed light upon misdeeds that have been committed by those in power. The latest piece, perhaps one of the most important to be produced this year, comes from The Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC. The subject was one very dear to this program, that of the Greatest Financial Heist in World History.

Since the very beginning on Liberty In Exile, we have covered the deliberate misconceptions surrounding the Financial Panic of 2008. How the Federal Reserve manipulated interest rates to flood banks with money. How banks offered untold billions of dollars in loans to individuals who had no legitimate way to pay it back. How politicians and public figures legislated and promoted the overextension of capital to serve their financial backers in the banking industry. How the former corporate executives turned government officials justified a massive transfer of wealth to the banking industry, to the very firms they once managed. How the Federal Reserve is continuing to launder money to selected banks, publicly-connected businesses, and foreign investment firms, all while the American populace enjoys their Domino’s pizza in front of the TV playing Dancing with the Stars.

The truth is that a heist has been played and justified before our very eyes. Instead of being spectators to chaos, we have instead been used as pawns, captured and sacked by the bishops and knights of the financial industry.

While the central bank continues to print money, and yet another Middle Eastern invasion is justified with bombs and war ships, the people are beginning to grasp what the game is all about. The people are igniting their critical receptors and removing the blinders which have been thrust upon them from birth. No longer are they prone to the gullible apathy which has ruled them so long. No longer and no more.


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