Marijuana Debate on Dr. Oz

On the popular daytime talk show Dr. Oz, the legalization of medical marijuana was discussed at length.

Here, there is a full analysis of the benefits and harms of smoking the drug medicinally, from the point of view of doctors, scientists, users, and even government-paid scientists (who overwhelmingly oppose legalization). Montel Williams, a fellow talk show host, explains his medical marijuana use and beautifully crafts his points on the subject.

The fact that the discussion is becoming mainstream enough to be highlighted on on popular daytime TV, hosted by a doctor, represents the moving national debate which is slanting forever-more toward a decriminalized marijuana policy in the United States of America. After complete legalization efforts failed ever-so slightly in California just last November, many politicians and public figures are beginning to revisit the topic in both a health and crime context, with drug crimes currently occupying 50% of all criminal cases in the U.S.

According to the latest Pew Research Poll, approximately 48% of Americans believe marijuana should be made legal.

Enjoy the show in its entirety:



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  2. Annette Desjarlais

    Dr. Oz, I suffercfrom complex regional pain syndrome and struggle with acute weight lost. Do you think I could benefit from medical marijuana? Thank you, Rebecca in FL.

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