9/11 Suspects To Be Tried In Military Pseudo-Trials

Nearly ten years after the horrific events of 9/11, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the alleged “masterminds” will be tried in a military tribunal court at Guantánamo Bay, much to his own chagrin. This comes after more than two years of political bickering, framed over whether or not to try the suspects in civilian or military court. According to AP, the trials had formerly been scheduled to be held in New York City, but the decision was quickly met with widespread opposition from Republicans and Democrats alike, who claimed that the suspects were “war criminals” and should not receive the standing of an American civilian court case. Those opposed have also called the attempts to house the trials in New York City as “disgraceful” and “insulting”, as the hearings would have been held blocks from the original site of the World Trade Center towers. Congress even went so far as to legislate against the transportation of Gitmo detainees to the United States, so as to avoid future trials in civilian courts.

As per usual, this event is only the latest in the government’s grand puppet show of terror theatre. The guarantee that these suspects will face a military trial is also to guarantee that adequate justice will not be served; that hearsay and conspiratorial evidence will be dominant proof; that false confessions made during multiple gauges of torture will be accepted as legitimate; that truth will be continually stifled; that the world shall never learn the true story behind 9/11; that secretive and unjust punishment out of public view will persist; and that the democratic ideals espoused by the founders of this nation will forever be disregarded.

Let there be no allusion about what this decision represents. This is about continuing the vicious American empire, and denying all justice to the families of victims of 9/11. This is about justifying countless bouts of military interventions throughout the Arab world. This is about degrading and dehumanizing those who do not agree with the aims of despotic empire. This is about lowering the standards of justice and keeping the American populace forever docile and complicit, separated from the truth of reality. The questions surrounding 9/11 deserve to have their fair trial in civilian court for all to hear, see, and document. The American people need to fully understand why their country has been in a constant state of war for the past ten years; why they have been subjected to the erosion of their liberties; why they have allowed public officials to exploit their fear; why they must disrupt their peaceful way of life; why they must send their brave men and women to fight in wars and occupations and die for causes yet unrevealed; why the events of that day has justified the expansion of the American Empire to a level never known in the history of mankind; why they must submit to fear instead of love.

What once made the United States of America the beacon of the free world was its dedication to universal human rights, protection, democracy, and justice. By allowing the greatest crime ever perpetrated against it to be hashed out and ruled upon in a secretive military commission, it not only throws those ideals into a fiery pit of subversion, but it demeans its entire founding and existence.

May true justice prevail.



  1. Lars

    I basically knew about a lot of this, but having said that, I still considered it had been beneficial. Nice work!

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