MEP Daniel Hannan: British Jeffersonian

Every so often, Liberty In Exile puts the spotlight upon a particular politician, intellectual, or author who is making waves in the political and academic sphere.

In this instance, that man is Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, from the United Kingdom. Though Hannan is an extremely talented writer and author (visit his Telegraph blog), he has also represented South East England in the European Parliament since 1999, occasionally giving riveting speeches which have gone viral on the internet (upwards of 2.7 million views). His words and rhetoric have been well received across the Atlantic, owing to his adherence to limited government and libertarian principles.

Hannan has been an active force in rejecting the European Union, sparking and sustaining an already healthy eurosceptic movement across the European continent. He has preached the importance of sound money and peaceful cooperation in the market place, beyond the bounds of coercion and force. He has lambasted irresponsible nationalization and bailouts during the continued financial crisis, in his country and abroad. He has continuously denounced the undemocratic and overbearing European Commission, who have managed to impose a supranational government upon the unwilling European population. Daniel Hannan is, in the most modern sense, the most notorious British Jeffersonian. Hannan’s admirable appreciation of the American constitutional model has been well advertised across speeches, books, and publications, even going so far as to publicly proclaim that he would have voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential election were he an American citizen.

Daniel Hannan is an individual to follow and to value, and we look forward to his future contributions to political discourse in Europe and across North America.

Here is Hannan speaking at Cato, praising the American constitutional model and warning American citizens that they must protect the basic tenants of their society which have made them the freest people in the democratic world:



  1. business

    I have to deal with a lot of constituents letters today Dan Drudge has just front paged you Yes it is strange I have said the same thing before..Cometh the hour cometh the man we are all ditto-heads now Rushies and the Co-Conspirators. British politicians are mesmerised by Obama without noticing that two months into his presidency Obamas ratings are lower than Dubyas were at the same time. Dan we know you wont back down stick to your guns..Fox Danny Tells Cavuto – I Wanted Ron Paul But I Backed Obama..UPDATE Hannans reply to Gordon Brown is already at 1 3rd of million views and on course to be the most viewed political speech in the fastest time in internet history.

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