Animated Economic Hitmen

Secrets of the American Empire


 One of the most fascinating authors of the last forty years is John Perkins, author of Confessions of An Economic Hitman and The Secret History of the American Empire (available in the Liberty In Exile Book Club).

In his books, he tells the tale of his early career, where he served as a private economist for a firm hired by the government of the United States. In his role, Perkins was to fabricate economic predictions for third-world countries, for the purpose of persuading their leaders to accept large loans from the World Bank, the IMF, and their sister institutions.

Once the loans were granted, the contracts were set so as to allow large, multi-national corporations to build infrastructure and public works projects which were certain to only benefit the very rich and powerful, at the behest of the populace. After the loan came due, the country was left unable to pay and was forced to succumb to terms enforced by the global institutions, whether it be allowing foreign companies to have unfettered access to resources or voiced support on the international diplomatic stage.

If the third-world leaders refused to accept the terms, certain forces either attempted a coup or an assassination,  seen very clearly in the examples of HondurasVenezuela, HaitiPanama, and Ecuador. If those “jackals”, a term Perkins uses, fail in their attempt to destabilize the government, it was then the role of the military to intervene, as has been done in Nicaragua, Iraq, and Libya, among countless other examples.

Perkins’ own personal experience as well as case study of the history of the empire provide great clarity and information for any individual seeking to understand how the world actually works. I strongly recommend further study on the work provided by Perkins and others.

Check out this animated version of the idea of Economic Hitmen:


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