Bilderberg 2011- Swiss Edition

Another year breeds another round of secret, closed-door meetings by world elites.

According to the Guardian and various other sites, the official site of the Bilderberg meeting in 2011 will be St. Moritz, Switzerland, from the 9-12th of June.

Though the specifics of this meeting are sure to be left undiscovered, the duty of any responsible journalistic entity, when reporting on an event of such a shadowy nature, should always be to present the public with as much information as is possible to provide. Considering the defunct nature of the corporate-media structure, one should not be surprised, therefore, that reporting shall prove to be scarce.

As has been covered on this site before, it is no mystery that a media-blackout concerning Bilderberg will be in place, allowing some of the world’s most powerful individuals to conveniently and luxuriously vacation alongside each other, perhaps even participating in the occasional policy discussion (For more information, the Wikipedia article is surprisingly informative, as well as a piece on the CBC).

The focus of most who study this topic and report it for the alternative press is the role that this group plays in world affairs. Claims that the group are “secretly conspiring” to bring about a “world” agenda is often mentioned across conspiracy websites, but they have yet to provide any significant or substantial proof beyond insinuations about oil prices or world wars. A rudimentary Google search (yielding over 2 million results) definitely denotes that there is some wealth of information, but how exactly does it prove primary influence in global politics and affairs?  In Who Rules America?, written by Professor G. William Domhoff, there is a special focus to the aims of the so-called Bilderberg group, which he posits are gathered as “a means to brainstorm, reach consensus, and create social cohesion within a power elite”, disclaiming any characterization that they are specifically “ruling” or “running” the world as they so design. Taking that into consideration, what would a true transparent view into this group reveal?

Here’s a small clip as played by the History Channel:

Further speculation or insinuation on this topic should be left to those devoted to theories of global conspiracy, but it is only fitting to mention as the media shall continue to downplay the event and the actual group’s existence.

For more information throughout the weeks, I recommend Charlie Skelton’s articles at the London Guardian, which are being written in Switzerland from the very resort where the Bilderberg conference is to take place.

More analysis and commentary will be provided on ‘Liberty In Exile’, broadcasting around the world on


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