Former Russian Spy Anna Chapman Sells Venture Capitalism

The Russian beauty, whose career as a “sleeper” spy in the United States was ended after her cover was blown in July of 2010, is making a move into serious industry. Bolstered by Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin, Anna Chapman is cashing in on her illustrious notoriety to promote venture capitalism in Russia’s suburbs, hoping to create a new, Russian version of America’s Silicon Valley.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chapman speaks about technological innovation, and how she has used her entrepreneurial skills to foster technology in London, New York, and Moscow:

I’ve always been fascinated with technology, and right now I want to make my own input into developing this industry, the venture capital industry.

For Western eyes, Chapman is the youthful, mischievous spy girl uncovered by American authorities last year, when her charm seduced an international media, and picturesquely revitalized Cold War-era story lines of beautiful Russian spies who infiltrate high society. In fact, she was one of 11 alleged Russian spies deported from the U.S. after their “spy-ring” was discovered by the F.B.I. The media began its panic prognostications almost immediately, but the effervescent glamor of the unknown Russian beauty soon framed the episode more as a spy novel than an actual nefarious threat to national security. The press has been in waiting ever since.

Chapman on the Cover of the Russian Maxim

Far from receiving scorn in her own country, Chapman has become a media darling in Russia. She has posed for Maxim, hosted her own TV show, announced her intentions to run for parliament, and even become a financial news editor for a respected publication, Venture Business News. Anna Chapman, whose real name is Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko, seems to have hit the jackpot, as far as success goes.

She is a frequent collaborator with Prime Minister Putin, even to the point of using her own fame to promote and support government programs and initiatives, and to run for office as a candidate of his party.

Now, partnering with the Russian government, Chapman is doing her part to convince foreign capital and domestic partners that Russia is the wave of the future.

Whatever the outcome may be, the winner will be surely be Russian industry and the government as a whole.

In the meantime, however, curious minds and eyes will be watching as a former spy continues to seduce the world.

Here is her interview with Bloomberg:


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