Lawrence O’Donnell Loves Ron Paul

“He is planting the seed. He is putting memorable words into the most resistant minds. His audiences may not be able to admit it right away, but he is surely shaking the confidence of some…some in their rigid, inhumane opposition to marriage equality. Ron Paul is an imperfect man, as are we all, but he is the perfect messenger to deliver the marriage equality message to the least willing to hear it; to those who would never listen to what a  liberal has to say about marriage equality or what a Democrat has to say about it.

I, for one, hope Ron Paul is the last man standing against the eventual nominee in the Republican campaign.”



  1. leewardtack

    In other words he says in about 50 different ways that Ron won’t win and marginalizes him up and down the spectrum while at the same time making his views seem more ‘liberal’ than conservative (conservatives had the keep government out of social issues idea first).

    It is a hit piece.

  2. Earth Ling

    Because we (Democrats) have NO primary opponent for Obama (much to my dismay) we Democrats should switch EN MASSE to the Republican Party in time to vote in the Republican Primary FOR Ron Paul.

    At this point I would vote for Ron Paul over Obama. Yes that could pose a grave threat to SS and Medicare. However the Democrats defense of SS and Medicare are insincere, like a good cop to the Republican’s bad cop. The Democrats will gladly negotiate away both and say they had no choice.

    The ONLY reason not for a Democrat NOT to do as I’ve suggested is because there is one (or more) truly important race locally or at the state level where a progressive Democrat has an actual chance at winning. Then you must weigh carefully whether to act locally or to act nationally.

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