Recession Breeds Protectionism

Economic downturns breed protectionism.

In times of uncertainty where unemployment and investment is concerned, most populous countries commit the economic fallacy of believing that cutting themselves off from the world will enhance their own monetary situation, to the detriment of all competitors. This is immediately disproved when thought is entertained about the Great Depression, when protectionism was the ruling mantra, specifically the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, single-handedly responsible for prolonging hard times for an indefinite period.

As the Financial Crisis of 2008 evolves into the longing recession of 2009, 2010, 2011 and beyond, the very same economic fallacies are sparking bouts of protectionism throughout the Western world.

The UK press, even the “non partial” BBC, are clamoring for the government to crack down on so-called “immigrant labor”, a classic example of scapegoating to put all minority groups on call:

Throughout the European Union, grand influxes of immigrant labor have led for many to call for an abolition of the Schengen Agreement, originally set up to allow “free movement” of people and goods across the European community. As Denmark and Italy look to cap immigration, the promises once offered to the “free” peoples of European seem to be buckling under economic considerations for the home population.

As nativism, protectionism, and misunderstandings of economics spread through populations and governments, the rights of minority groups must be protected and observed, an example all too familiar for all European citizens.

Liberty In Exile stands on guard.

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