European Elites Want a United States of Europe

Though it is a topic historically reserved to the business press, the current debt crisis across the European continent has brought to light the coveted dream of a United States of Europe, first iterated by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. This is a vision of a federated system of government centrally controlled in one European city, most likely Brussels, with all other member states acting as states in the American tradition. This is a view favored by many elite European interests, as well as scores of political leaders across the EU.

As economic calamities continue to hit at the heart of the European common currency in Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Ireland, the leaders and apologists for the EU are coming forward to call for complete fiscal integration across the European Union, which would effectively cede the most significant amount of member state sovereignty in the history of the EU. This would leave the average European citizen with virtually no method of recourse for his own government, being as there are no elections for the leaders of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the European Council. Instead of a democratic system with measures of accountability, every country in the Euro Zone would become just a test in an experiment of grand scale, with over 300 million people’s livelihoods hanging in the balance.

While monetary integration celebrates its 10th anniversary next year, there is great fear that the continued push toward European integration will spell disaster for the majority of Euro citizens, both financially and democratically, as documented by this news report from Deutsche Welle:


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