It’s Official: Police Using Drones on American Soil

It was once a tactical weapon reserved for the most violent and tumultuous battlefields. Now, after startling debuts in Miami, North Dakota, and our own borders, Unmanned Aerial Drones have now become a staple of American law enforcement on the home front. This represents a new era of a surveillance society, finally bringing dystopian novels of the past to a true real-life rendition before our eyes.

Oddly enough, drones are also in the news lately because of the downed US drone in Iran, which has unified the war crowd as a justification to “invade so as to destroy the intelligence” contained in the craft.

Here are the latest headlines on this very subject:

Indeed, the age of drones is among us. The debate about the technological progress versus privacy will surely be had, and it is hoped that provisions which will keep Constitutional traditions intact will win out in the end.


What do you think?

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