I’m Yaël Ossowski, a writer, researcher, journalist, and radio host intent on sharing my passion for political happenings and occurrences beyond the filter of the corporate media.


Montréal’s Underground Radio

‘Liberty In Exile’ is my solo project, a show focused on corruption in the political and media world, unmasking world empire, and breaking away from the Leviathan in the 21st century.

It started as a weekly program on Montréal’s best college radio station, CJLO 1690AM in 2010, broadcast from 10-11am on Friday mornings.

In its present form, the show is available as a podcast (RSS or iTunes) and broadcasts weekly on LRN.fm and the No Agenda Stream.

The show has been recorded in 4 nations across 2 continents, but now broadcasts weekly from the Freiheit Studio in Vienna, Austria, tucked away in the heart of the United States of Europe.


The Liberty Radio Network — LRN.fm

Liberty Radio Network broadcasts on over eight radio stations in the United States of America, and enjoys play on the continuous streams on LRN.fm.

Liberty In Exile is in the podcast loop.

It was launched by the producers and hosts of Free Talk Live, one of the most popular libertarian talk shows in the U.S., and broadcasts 20+ liberty-oriented shows. Check out the line-up here.


All Talk. No Commercials. No Agenda.

The No Agenda Stream is run by producers of the No Agenda Show, one of the most popular podcasts on the Internets.

Liberty In Exile broadcasts alongside live and pre-recorded shows once per week.

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